To advance science and improve patient care by supporting, through the provision of drug/vaccine and/or total/partial funding, high-quality research that is initiated, designed, implemented and sponsored by external investigators. Results will be generated and properly disseminated in peer-reviewed publications.

Merck Investigator Studies Program

The Merck Investigator Studies Program is open to all academic and community-based physicians and researchers worldwide who are interested in conducting their own research. This program consists of committees of medical and scientific staff from different therapeutic areas who meet regularly to review Merck investigator study proposals. Support is provided based on the scientific merit of the proposal as well as whether it is in alignment with the published areas of interest. Information related to areas of interest and requirements for submission can be found by clicking on the appropriate link for your therapeutic area.

Submission of a proposal does not imply or guarantee approval. All proposals will be reviewed based on research merit criteria. Financial and/or product support is contingent upon full execution by both parties of the research agreement.

The current MISP areas supported are:
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